90hrs at Joe Beef

1 of 2 internships completed, 90 hrs at Joe Beef was one heck of an awesome ride! Getting a chance to work with the great team running the show, in the kitchen of the 10th best Canadian Restaurant and 81st in the World, was an experience I won’t soon forget.


The old McKiernan’s Luncheonette side


The week starts on Tuesday, an action packed 16 hour day, with a menu that changes according to availability of the produce. Sporting about 40 items, you’ve got plenty to do in order to be ready once the doors open for service! I got the chance to cure a few steelhead trout fillets and cold smoke them. That smoker is certainly getting it’s mileage being used by all three affiliated restaurants to smoke everything on the menu, from vinegar to ribs. In the backyard across from the smoker is the massive wood oven, and during the summer there’s a garden and trout pond, you read that right, doesn’t get fresher then that!





After a Tuesday 10am-2am shift, I was in the next few days from 1pm-1.30am manning my station and assisting in any way I could. During service I played a role in a handful of dishes, and most importantly didn’t mess things up! At a place where people are waiting for months to sit down and spend their hard earned money on a great meal, you’ve got to step up to that plate every day, to meet and exceed their expectations!


Brioche Bread


Saturday rolls around, noon to 2am, another busy night, lot’s of people out celebrating! It’s also time to tear down, downsize and get the place ready to close up shop for the weekend. “The weekend” Sunday and Monday for most cooks, a well deserved rest after a nearly 70 hour week for these guys, with so little down time you’ve got to make the most of it, drinks, laundry, that thing you’ve been meaning to get around to all week… The only people in this line of work do it because they truly love it, there’s no way you work that kind of cycle, burn, cut yourself and exhaust your body just to make a few bucks.


All this to say, that I completed my required hours in seven days, and loved every second of it. To complete my internship phase, I’m throwing back on the green uniform, and headed to a Base kitchen to see how that runs. After that, Pius will be behind me, and the relocation for work ahead of me. Where am I headed? Who knows! Depends on the demand of the trade.


Joe Beef Swag