New Chapter

Big changes in life make you re-evaluate your goals, what you want in the long run, what you plan on doing in the coming years, who you are and who you’ve become. Or is it the other way around?


Regardless, my partner and I split up and I’ve left the comfort of a two bedroom apartment for the luxury of a 9′ by 14′ room in building 25 on base. 66 rooms, no kitchen, shared bathrooms, close enough to the airstrip to know that the SAR are headed out BUT the laundry isn’t coin operated! That’s a plus!


My 9×14 before I personalized the layout and kicked that massive desk out


Who am I kidding, it’s a pretty sweet go, I live next to everything I need! and I now registered my car as a recreational vehicle. That wraps up my living situation.


Switched up the 14′ Escape for a 17′ Titanium



As usual I’ve got a list of projects on the go but for the past week most of my time has been spent working on this one particular one, the one that I would have never dreamed of while living back East in Montreal, a project that will get me over to other islands and going crabbing!


Just a few red rocks headed to the pot!


After a few times at sea I decided that I was going to get myself a freaking BOAT! I wanted it to be aluminium, 14 to 16 feet, not over 2000$ and for it to be a project boat. So, I used the traditional Craigslist, Kijiji and auto trader to look on the web, I also drove up the island highway in hopes of seeing some for sale signs out on the road. No luck, one guy having sellers remorse, many no-reply and then came Andy’s text to turn things around! The owner of the first boat I saw and I came to a price we could both work. So now I’m a boat owner, or at least what will be a boat in due time! The 1967 Starcraft Jet Star needs plenty of love! And it’s got the right owner, because I’ve got plenty of love to give!


First morning of her being on base


I used the words restoration during the first days, I now use rebuild since fabrication has also become a commonly used word when talking about this project. It’s down to it’s bones after hours of tearing it apart and then sanding it, the next steps will surely end up on the blog!


Working my way around the hull



I’ve been going through a baking phase, sourdough starter, diastatic malt vs. regular and trying to cut out manufactured products out of the regular grind.




I wont get too much into this one for now, but I will say! Once you start making your own bread you find a new appreciation for the product, BUT, when you work with a starter and natural yeasts… You’ll see bread differently.




Diastatic malt, described as bakers secret for bringing out the best in bread. It’s true, it yields a complete different product. In my oatmeal bread test the one with the malt had a nicer texture, a nicer crust and a malty taste. If you want to try it, order it from Amazon because you’ll have to hit up all the guys that carry the specialty products and even they will look at you with a weird look.




PUFF PASTRY! so easy, so simple and ready in less time then you think. Using the box stuff is easy and quick, but you’ll notice the buttery taste and the beautiful imperfections in rolling if you make it yourself! And it’s the easy way of getting dinners to try the vegetarian choice by covering it up with a sexy flaky look.


More baked goods to come! The kitchen is slow so I’ll be able to sneak into the bakeshop to throw things together. Run some tests on cinnamon rolls maybe? Fatten up the dinners!