Miguel Eats Vancouver

Nearly a year after having moved to Vancouver Island I finally made my way to the mainland on one of the worst weekends to do so. With cancelled & delayed ferries due to the sea state, I still made it.


That being said, weather has never slowed me down, so on a weekend with a storm warning I called up my buddy on the mainland and told him the things I wanted to do eat while I was there.




There was only one elusive item on the list. A meal that I’ll have no choice to make myself and treat everyone to the experience of it. GENERAL -freaking- TAO chicken… I’m still mind boggled at the fact that barely no one here knows of it’s existence despite a documentary on Netflix about it.



What did we do? We drank! I got to try a handful of micro brews in Port Moody, a few in Vancouver’s industrial district and cocktails wherever we found suited our needs. I had given my friend full control on what, when and where we went and he didn’t disappoint! One of the main things I took away from that foodie weekend was that the East and West of Canada are quite different. A point I wont go too deep into, but the clients that fill these establishments aren’t the same as back home.



In between the drinks, we did squeeze in a few meals. Meals I’d been missing out on, great brunch places, tacos served by Spanish speaking folks, pho, ramen, sushi, doughnuts… and much more. That being said, you can see there were maybe five meals a day. At one point my buddies girlfriend ended up staying behind in the car due to a food induced coma.



Cartems killed the doughnut game. I couldn’t resist, I had to walk away with half a dozen, despite the fact that I had just walked out of another bakery where I inhaled a cinnamon roll that was so freaking good: Purebread. The doughnut selection in Van pleased me, it ain’t no NYC but the shops they do have are all pretty great!




One last meal had to be pushed down the pipeline before I left the mainland, so we went to Save On Meats where I couldn’t resist the 2for1 Caesars. Headed back to the island with a good ol’ bacon cheese burger washed down with bloody Canadian cocktails!