About Me


This blog has come a long way since logging my way through culinary school. Pius is now in the past, The Roastbusters are all doing their own thing and I’ve left Montreal to live out in BC. Follow me along my culinary journey.


El Búho (The Owl)

It’s hard to describe yourself in a few paragraphs so I’ll give you my work experience and how I got into culinary school for now.

My name is Miguel Alarcon, I swore in to the Canadian Armed Forces on 26 January 2010 as a Reservist in the Infantry seeking a new experience while working full-time as a store manager for Starbucks Coffee Canada.

Cpl Alarcon on Remembrance DayAfter only two years in the Forces I applied to transfer trades to Resource Management Support Clerk as a full-time employment and left Starbucks after having worked and learnt a lot for nearly six years.

After a few life changing events I decided to fulfill my childhood dream, follow my heart and apply to culinary school through the Forces and got accepted in the Subsidized Education Program on 4 January 2015.


I’m now one of the few that gets to do their dream job they had at a young age and honourably serve my country at the same time, cooking has been a love and passion of mine since I first held a pan to make eggs, and today I get to learn a lot more and share my knowledge with a great team and great teachers.

Luncheon CocktailIn the search to learn more, I’m always seeking new experiences by either taking on cooking work or any food service gigs. That being said, keep me in mind when you’re in need of a helping hand!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, I’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.

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