Maple Resolve(d?)

Tasking: JTFSC Maple Resolve

Duration: 66 days



First military cook tasking complete!

To my surprise, it really wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. I did have the pleasure to work with some great folks, I’m sure that made a huge difference on how the whole thing went by. Why was I there? I was tasked on the cook team that would support the build, sustainment and tear down of the camp that would feed up to 950 on it’s peak period.


Initially our job consisted of making lunch for the 200 that were building the camp, packing them, driving them from the base kitchen to the camp, serving them, bringing everything back and doing it again for supper. This part was fairly easy, we had some extra time to work on little extras. Little extras like the sandwiches we made from scratch and brought out to the hard working soldiers.


Some of the homemade no churn ice cream and cookies


The eclairs, profiteroles, cakes,  breads, bagels and all sorts of other extra stuff that we made to get the belly of the troops filled and happy. That little extra that makes you feel just a little tiny bit less bad about being sent away from home for a tasking in Wainwright…





Once the build was over, we got to move into what would be home for the next 30 days! Cot set up, we were ready to start the show on the SEV (Specially Equipped Vehicles) kitchens that would be where all meals would be produced. The new military kitchens are pretty sweet, nothing like their predecessors, they’re enclosed and make you almost feel like you’re in a real kitchen despite the diesel burner problems here and there…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As per every military base, our camp was built on land that was either extremely dry or wet land. My attempt at a panoramic shot shows the quick transition we saw on some days.




Despite the element and the constant changes thrown in our direction, we adapted and produced as we were expected. All of this possible because of the great team we had, a bunch of people scrambled from all points of the country to come together and work in unison like they’d been doing it together for a while.




That’s the quick and dirty of 66 days, I’ll be back to posting regularly again until I’m sent off somewhere again!

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