Getting back on track

Less than a month ago, I was unpacking my boxes. Setting up after a move across Canada and settling into the new job. Now that I’ve got a bit of a rhythm going I’m planning on tracking my new projects!


just some of the boxes and filler


Since I’ve gotten here, I decided to take a jab at home brewing and picked up the DIY starter kit that makes it pretty easy to start with. The first run is already bottled and going through it’s second fermentation, the first one’s not even done and I’ve started the second one already! and there’s a third one that just started that got a little supplement of vodka soaked cocoa nibs from Wayward Distillation. I hope the first batch turns out to be drinkable seeing as there are two runs on the go…


easy home brewing


Beyond beer making, I’m thinking of getting stricter on my homemade food eating, some people will say “You’re crazy Miguel, what about when you don’t have time to cook!?”. There’s an easy solution to that prep in advance, soak those beans overnight for the quick meal because you’ve got an early day, have a few frozen burritos on hand, few homemade frozen meal options as a last resort. You usually have enough time to throw something together but the alternative option of a fast food meal seems more appealing. I’m not any different, I love french fries, love my burgers but they’re usually a thousand times better when I make them at home.


1/2 lb T-bone and double smoked bacon patty


If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, look up Cooked on Netflix and if you’re not trying something new at home after binging on all four episodes, book yourself a culinary crash course, have a personal chef teach you how to make your favourite meal at home that you always end up paying someone else to make.

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