Blind Baked – Restaurant Day – Third Edition

This time next week you’ll be regretting you didn’t get to try out our stuff at Blind Baked!

As my third shot at Restaurant Day I’m going for comfort food, aiming for easy to eat in a park. I’ll be making five kind of pies and my buddy Ely will be scooping small batch ice cream for all you folks coming out!

Blind Baked Location

We’ll be set up on the corner of Rachel and Esplanade, under a white tent. Rain or shine! Come out with your friends and family to share these delicious flaky pies, and have a scoop of our artisanal ice cream!

Here’s what’s on the menu;

Butter Chicken and Cauliflower – It’s a crowd favourite! From the moment I made this popular Indian dish I knew I’d have to stick it in a puff pastry shell and eat on the go. Once I shared it, I knew I wasn’t the only one that thought it was great.

Japanese Curry – this sweet and spicy curry was introduced to me by an old friend of mine, and has been my go to comfort food dish. I’ve enjoyed it at home and abroad, and now want to share it with you!

Guinness Lamb Stew – the rich flavours of Guinness and lamb come together in a pot full of root veggies, that remind you what a true stew is all about; wild flavours. The meal that will restore your energy for the day ahead!

Braised Mixed Mushrooms – I’ll be honest, meatless dishes aren’t something I’m used to. When I set out to make this dish, I wanted it to pack a punch! So I looked to the rich combination of Chanterelle and Shiitake. It didn’t disappoint me, and won’t disappoint you!

Steak, Bacon and Sausage Gravy – After having my share of sausage gravy around the USA I’ve decided to share it when I get a chance, in this pie I’ll be combining a fail safe mix that will please all the carnivores in the crowd.

But it’s not the last item on the menu that needs introduction! The one thing you shouldn’t skip out on this weekend is Ely’s artisanal ice cream. He’s been in the homemade ice cream game for awhile, but this ones going to hit it out of the park!

Cabane a Sucre
graphic by Steph Lebel

In his words “Cabane à Sucre – Inspired by countryside nostalgia, Cabane à Sucre blends Quebec maple syrup in a classic custard style ice cream; with crisp, maple candied bacon. The result is sweet and salty bliss.” – Ely

Restaurant Day Logo

If for some reason our menu doesn’t interest you, I highly suggest you take a look at the Restaurant Day site, and you’ll find something worth joining the festivities for. It’s a day to try new things, meet new people and for us Restaurateurs… to share what we love to do best with all of you!

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