El Buho in NY – Crif Dogs

After strolling through Central Park and the surrounding neighbourhood in the beating sun my hunger started to manifest itself…

When I think New York, I think of cheesecake, I think pizza and I think HOTDOG. NO, not the one served off of a cart, the one I want comes from a place that we’d been to two winters ago with our friend.

Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs is the place to go for the top dog while you’re in NYC, don’t believe me!? it’s one of Martha Stewart’s favourite hot dogs! They’ve got a dog for everyone, spicy red neck, garden state or the chihuahua. They’ve also got a veggie dog if that’s what you’re into!

Besides franks, they’ve got a place that I’ve missed out on checking out, PDT, a cocktail bar that you get to through a phone booth and that you’ll need to make a reservation for next time you’re in town!

Last Winter Dog
Last Winter Dog

This time around I got myself the chef’s choice! And he served me a super plate, chili dog and philly tubesteak, a change from the tsunami I got last time! All three are top notch choices that I suggest to anyone headed there.

One things for sure, these folks are not Martha’s favourite for no reason! Enough about the dog’s, next stop the MoSEX and then supper in long beach that I’ll tell you all about on the next post!

Chef's Choice

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