El Buho in NY – Dough Brooklyn

As I laid in bed swiping through Instagram, I started to think about New York, thinking of how my “vacation” was coming to an end and I’d practically done nothing of my time. As the thought grew, I got out of bed, opened my Chromebook and booked a rental car. A weekend in NYC! why not!?

The search for food was on, staying only two nights limits me to five meals if I manage my time well.

First up was breakfast on Saturday. I don’t know how you like to start your day, but for me, a couple of doughnuts and a coffee sure the trick while on the move.

Dough Rack

That being said, Dough was the first stop! In my opinion, these folks have the best doughnuts I’ve had in NY, the yeast doughnuts are fluffy, not too sweet, packed with flavour at an affordable price.

Doughnut Breakfast
top to bottom – Cafe au Lait, Lemon Poppy and Hibiscus

We walked in, I considered saying one of each but decided I’d be somewhat reasonable… Placed our order as a lemon poppy seed, hibiscus, café au lait and coffee. Sat down in front of the shop and watched as the delivery vans stopped to pick up ridiculous amounts headed to some other happy customers and people watched for a bit.

Dough Doughnuts Brooklyn
Dough Doughnuts Brooklyn – CLICK FOR LINK

Don’t miss this place next time you’re in NY! The Café au lait doughnut was pretty freaking great but I didn’t get to try their Nutella one seeing as it wasn’t in stock.

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