Routine, Or Lack Thereof

It’s summertime, my plans to get back in the gym and eating better were quickly thrown out the window. I’ve been eating out as much as I can afford to, ramen, BBQ, fried chicken and plenty of drinks! The fact that I’ve been off for the past two weeks killed me, without a routine everything starts going sideways and that’s why I’m kinda looking forward to getting back into uniform and reporting for duty until I’m back at school.



This bowl came recommended from friends so I figured I should give it a shot seeing as the whole scene is pretty dull out here and I’d rather buy a good pack on the instant stuff and spruce it up with some quality toppings.

The past three weeks have been 3/3 for my ramen dose, Yakato Yakabai has a pretty good tonkotsu broth and ingredients for a 12$ bowl. I could say a whole lot more but I’ll let y’all try it out without my nitpicking.



BBQ has a special place in my heart, perhaps it’s my Chilean roots coming through or just the whole men and BBQ thing going on. I’m not gonna try to figure it out, I’ll just BBQ and share the love.

Cooking over fire is beautiful, but it can go wrong so fast. There is a lot to take into consideration when using this method, heat zones, heat retention, size of meat, when to move it and when to take it off the grill.

I didn’t grow up with a BBQ at home but remember my experience of BBQ being bland when growing up, the repeated crime I see to this day is overcooking meat because it’s better to play it safe… There’s a quick fix to this ladies and gentlemen, it’s nothing new, we count on it for many other tasks… a thermometer! Buy one, and USE it, stop killing your meat and PLEASE… let it rest. Those two tips will make a world of difference next time you BBQ.

Fried Chicken to go

Fried Chicken

Buying a deep fryer was a terrible mistake among many others that I will certainly regret someday, that’s future Miguel’s problem though. There are many ways of doing it, the right way is the one you enjoy the most. Personally I enjoy the buttermilk, spice and sweet path with a thick batter that crunches with every bite.

Unfortunately my health can’t afford to run trials on a regular basis….

St-Ambroise Terrace

Another Pint Please!

What better way to spend a nice hot summer day on the Lachine Canal other then by substituting a meal for a few pints at the McAuslan Brewery!

Day drinking at it’s finest on the Terrasse St-Ambroise! Young punks to old dudes in their spandex bike suits are drinking there, if you haven’t tried it out yet you should make it your next location to stumble out from before you head on to what ever else you’ve got planned seeing as they sadly close at 11pm…

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