It was only a matter of time before I’d join the party.

I’ve been using AirBnB for a while now, B&B near Boston, house in Maine, apartment in NYC or private room in Burlington, they’ve all been awesome experiences! I’ve wanted to jump in and offer my own unique experience to folks travelling to Montreal but didn’t have the space until now! What makes a stay at our place unique? Let me tell you!

AirBnB House in Maine
Tanja house in Maine

I would gladly stay again at most of the places I’ve booked because they all had something unique about them, something that made me as a guest feel at home. Having experience this I didn’t want to jump into AirBnB simply offering a room! Nothing wrong with that, but I’m doing it to do something I love and having strangers just crash in my house isn’t my idea of a good time. The project pays attention to details, the little things that I look out for, what I’d be looking for, so I started by refinishing the bathroom. Someone told me “if a restaurants bathrooms are filthy and they’re accessible to the public, can you imagine what the places you can’t see look like”, as a guest you normally only end up using the bedroom and bathroom, so I decided that both would look their best. Our home not being our property, I only put in a reasonable amount into the work to freshen up the place, with the bath and bedroom refinished I could start thinking about the rest of the experience.

Breakfast at Tanja's House

Our place in Maine didn’t offer breakfast, but had a full kitchen ready to use the local fresh produce a short drive away. Breakfast is my favourite meal and think it will be an awesome addition to anyone’s stay in our home, I’m planning on serving up some of our finest local and seasonal products to make the stay that much more unique. Bringing the culinary element to the table changes the whole game up, I’m now offering food that’s included in the price, I’m offering culinary and spirit services to those who want it and am looking out to give the best experience to my future customers.

Queen Guest Bed

The whole AirBnB project got me thinking about a thousand other things I’ll have to fine tune, but I’ll wait to see if it picks up. I’m ready for this to go either way, maybe it’s not what people are looking for, maybe all they want is a cheap overnight solution, I’ll have a guest bedroom if it doesn’t workout, I’m certainly not going to simplify the business plan just to rent the room. I’m not selling a room, I’m selling an experience, a unique stay in Montreal that people will talk about to their friends.

Simple Guest room

I’m in the people business, any project I take on, I look at it from my prospective as a customer, making good food is fairly easy if you’ve got the skills and knowledge, making a good cocktail is a walk in the park if you’ve got our recipes right, but that’s half the fight. You’ve got to put yourself on the other end and justify that expense, for me it’s gotten quite difficult to go out, why would I pay for a dish I can make at home and put more care into it? Why would I pay top dollar to mix a few ingredients into a drink?? I’m glad to pay for a cocktail at Dominion Square Tavern because the decor is right, the ambience is perfect, the service is fantastic and the mint julep/old-fashioned/canuck/sour is served to you with the whole package backing that price, why would I pay the same price anywhere else!?

I’m always for feedback on any point, let me know, send me an email, feel free to give constructive criticism!

AirBnB listing

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