Another Culinary Rant

I’ve been missing in action, I benched my blog while I did some work around the house and while I tackled my next project. Resting is not something I do well, I always have a few projects on the go and look forward to all of the ones that are coming up. Reno, garden, cooking and event co-ord are just a few things that I’ve been up to these past weeks and a few are long run projects that should be fruitful.

Original Wood Frame
I wonder what my place looked like when it first opened the doors to it’s first tenants…

At school for 0630 the past couple of weeks to make sure that I make the best of that one hour before we open the doors to the public, breakfast service is a different challenge, fine tuning time efficiency and soaking in as much knowledge that I’ll need in the future seeing as I see myself venturing into a breakfast joint in a few years and that’s certainly a  project that will come true in due time.

Roastbusters first Breakfast Menu

Breakfast to me? It’s the perfect vehicle to serve up a full palate of flavours. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami are all present in breakfast! The creamy, crunchy, gooey and greasy textures that are served on one plate and come together so nicely while enjoyed at any time in the day. Some people limit themselves to breakfast as a first thing in the morning kind of deal, why is that? Why must a dish be limited to certain part of the day? Personally, I don’t mind a bowl of Ramen as the first thing I’ll intake. While in Japan I could order chicken for breakfast at McDo, they had that right, a bowl of rice with pickled and fermented vege was a normal breakfast. My advice to you, break those conventional breakfast chains! Try something new for breakfast that isn’t considered “normal”!!! Enough on the food rant, let’s move on to sensory module.

Instant Ramen Bowl
pff… Instant Udon game on lock.

The food vocab is being used a little more when we can seeing as we’re covering the sensory module. A must cover when looking at building a plate, it’s something we all know deep inside, when having a dish that’s all creamy you feel the need for a little something more, that something you’re missing is another texture, another flavour, an easy example is how yogourt is 1000 times better with granola. Throughout this module these points are brought back to light, chemical reactions in water with different additives were covered, but what stuck in my mind the most was the beat display, YES, beats… The many ways Chef presented us beats was brilliant, it got the wheels spinning in my head and can’t wait to apply that knowledge. Showing a variety of simply made products on a small pan reminds you that you can break things down in many ways and serve the same things in many textures and taste. Something crucial to apply throughout any cooks career, the element of surprise in a dish, to make people experience something they know in a different way.


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