Onto to the next project!

Despite the possibility of rain, the skies being threateningly grey the Roastbusters set up shop at the Marchand-de-Bois park in Little Burgundy close to the Atwater Market. We raised the tent, set up our stations and fired up the grill unknowing how the day would turnout.


With the weather being on the edge of rain I didn’t expect us to be that busy and to my pleasant surprise we nearly sold out by the end of the day! We had friends and family come out to support us and a handful of folks touring Montreal for Restaurant Day. We dished out a little over 150 Ball Park Signature frankfurters topped with our five topping options that were a hit! The Bacon Jack dog was the peoples favourite followed by the Bánh Mì, Tiki Dog, New York Style and JAPADOG. What made our franks special? Well, we had home made buns courtesy of Pius Culinary Institute, hotdogs that aren’t in town, our condiments and sauces were made by our amazing team and our team doesn’t leave any customers unsatisfied!

MEP Board

Like mentioned previously, we stride for excellence and our quality of toppings spoke for themselves. Our Bacon Jack Dog was garnished with Monterey Jack cheese, thick cut bacon crumble, avocado spread and chipotle mayo that kicked ass! Our Tiki Dog had charcoal grilled pineapple and red onions that added that extra depth of flavour and combining well with the teriyaki sauce. The Bánh Mì dog had a quick pickled daikon and carrot mix, cucumber, cilantro and Srirasha Mayo that drove the crowd crazy! The NY Style dog was simple yet full of flavour, it had quick pickled onions, Moishe’s Sauerkraut and brown hot mustard. Last but not least, the JAPADOG wasn’t as much of a hit as I expected but was certainly one of my favourites topped with nori, panko, teriyaki sauce and Kewpie Mayo. All of these being great choices of dogs to serve your guests at your next BBQ!


At the end, after we’d run out of fries topped with some fine Old Bay Spices we started getting creative and feeding ourselves while there was time. All the new options we’d put together were amazing! Creating with what we had on the fly was awesome, I think we all god our hotdog fill for quite a while! The sad part of hosting on Restaurant Day is that you don’t get to try all the great food being served all over the city!!! We heard of some great dishes that the people who came by told us about and I envied them for being able to try all these dishes. I’m thinking I’ll judge for myself in the August edition coming up .

Custom Dog

As soon as one project comes off the board I’ve got to put more work into the next one, the September Bourbon Tasting is always developing and it’s one that will represent me personally. In between that I’ll be concentrating on our knives for hire seeing as we’ve got a few bites and hopefully I will make the Taste Canada Cooks the Books team that will represent the school! But that I’ll talk more about on the next post.

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