Service at Pius Culinary Institute

Team Roastbusters is killing it in the kitchen and it’s a real shame that not many get to enjoy the food we’re pumping out! I can’t speak for every class but I know that each and everyone of the Roastbusters put in all their effort and know-how into what they do! Last week on the hot team we were responsible for the main dishes of three menus that changed everyday and loved every minute of it! It gave us a little taste of what there is to come, the sad part about it all is that we prepared to serve a whole lot more then we got a chance to serve… Location of the school definitely plays a role in why we don’t get that many people in for service, but if you happen to be in the area or looking for an affordable group lunch, breakfast or supper perhaps you should look at the schools site and check out the menu to find out when the next service is.

Service as HOT TEAM

Luckily the menus were right up my alley, we got to make roasts, pulled chicken, pork belly confit, porchetta sandwiches, chicken quesadillas and one of my favourite dishes that I’m always fine tuning… FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!! Fried chicken can be simple or as complex as you make it, some people just dredge their chicken and call it a day… I strongly believe you MUST marinate it. Marinate it in buttermilk, sauce of your choice or a citrus brine as we did for the service is something you’ve got to do to give it more flavor. Rolling it in a spice blend isn’t enough! The depth of flavour you can achieve by infusing it, coating it and then perhaps drizzling it with something labelled “suicide maple drizzle” are what make fried chicken a masterpiece dish and IF you’re feeling up for it, throw it on a buttermilk waffle to truly impress anyone you’ve got over. Septembers bourbon tasting will certainly have a some sort of interpretation of this dish and many others that I’m continuously fine tuning and reading up on how to improve on that umami experience.

Fried Chicken

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