Source Of Energy


Food is fuel. The question is are you running on regular or premium? Premium doesn’t mean having the most expensive ingredients, the worst cook with the best stuff couldn’t make a great dish. But a good cook with ordinary ingredients can make a fantastic plate. If you’re meals are missing a little something, maybe it’s time to brush up on some basic skills. There are many tutorials online that can brief you on the basics or you could always look into a cooking class at many locations in Montreal or have one of the Roastbusters come to your place and give you a demo! Give up on the ordinary today!

BBQ Chicken


I enjoy taking strolls through the many public markets we have in Montreal, don’t be fooled a lot of the products sold there aren’t from here! Plenty of out of season stock is the same stuff the grocery store would have, so stick to what’s in season and don’t forget to ask origin. But the great part of the public markets is the food made by the local shops, the Atwater market has Satay, Jean-Talon has El Rey del Taco and my new found favorite is Le Shack in the fish monger at the Longueuil market. When you’re in need of great pork check out the guys at F.Menard and get your seafood fix at Le Shack, so far I’ve tried the salmon tartare, fried calamari and lobster roll and they were all freaking amazing! Some premium fuel right there!

Le Shack Marche Public Longueuil

Candy Land

Everyday I fight temptation of taking a little detour to Monas or Tzanet… I always tell myself I need something, that I NEED that new gadget, that odd shaped ice cream scoop! I recently went to Tzanet with a few of my collegues and found myself fighting the temptation of filling my cart with all the goodies that were available to me. The mini lodge pans that I’d use for… nothing? would be awesome to have! I did pick up some stuff that I will hopefully use soon and show off on instagram. Consider this a warning, don’t go to these two places unless you hate your bank account!

Culinary Loot

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