The Bar – The Food – The Cause

The First Collection

A little over a year ago I came back from a trip down to New York where I had found a few gems that I treated myself to seeing as at the time they couldn’t be found anywhere in Canada. When I declared the bottles at the customs I saw the border officers face put on the biggest grin I’d seen in my life, at that point I told myself “damn it, I’m screwed! no big deal I’ll pay the taxes, it’s worth it!” when I stepped inside I told the agent the value of each bottle and she totaled the taxes due and dropped a heavy number on me that I wasn’t ready for. After returning to the land of the living from my state of shock I told her “I might as well drop the bottles on the ground and call it a day” where she responded that it wouldn’t be crazy to do so seeing as having to pay the cost of the bottle again plus 125% tax would mean you have money to burn. After standing there in awe she told me that she would let it slide seeing as I was honest and clearly didn’t know, and she advised me to never do it again and warn my friends.

The days before I had an actual bar

To this day I’m super thankful that she was kind enough to allow me to start my bar collection that consisted of nine bottles at the time and after a year of 48hr trips down to the US and a raiding the SAQ and LCBO when they have special bottles in stock I am now pleasantly content with 62 bottles, happy as I am I still keep an eye out every time I’m in the US or in Ontario for something new, something that I can add to my growing collection of fine bourbons and gins. All this to say that this summer I’ll be doing plenty of trips to pick up quite the collection of specialty bottles that I hope to share with as many folks as I can in September when I host my first bourbon tasting with a food pairing to raise funds for the breakfast club foundation.

bar collection today

Why the breakfast club in particular? I only recently came to realize that I, as young boy took advantage of this charity unknowingly and would like to make sure that kids that get to school hungry continue to have something available to them.

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