Vermont Weekend Food Trip

I didn’t get a chance to slip in my closing statement from my Vermont weekend food trip so I’ll do it now. Living in Montreal has had a huge impact on the person I am today, I have a huge appreciation for the “Joie de vivre” lifestyle I lead and appreciate a whole lot when I see it elsewhere. Burlington, Vermont has shown me that the state just south of us shares a whole lot more then I thought we did, it has a little condensed area that packs a punch despite it being 10 times smaller then Montreal!

Pearl Street Dinner

Breakfast not only is the most important meal of the day, it’s also my favorite! I’m willing to wait whatever time is needed for a good breakfast and that’s why I don’t mind waiting at L’Avenue or a couple of other great Montreal breakfast places. I’ve waited outside in the pouring rain and in the frigid Montreal winter days for a good meal, but the lines and loud people are getting out of control! Recently I find it a whole lot easier to justify a short drive to Burlington for Pearl Street Diner, our random find on a pit stop on my way to Maine. It’s not getting enough credit for what it’s serving up yet, so I’ve never had to wait for a table yet, it’s been open about three years, Pam is cooking up some wicked homemade corned beef hash and I recently found out it’s a freaking BYOB… Mimosa will flow non stop next time we’re down there!

Frank's Chili Lime

So my suggestion to you is, why wait for something you’ve already had and know, something you know and see people are waiting for you to shovel the food down you pie hole so they get their turn, instead next time you’re thinking of going out for Sunday brunch… Grab your friends, grab your passports and head down to Burlington for the day! Yes, on a 24hr trip you can’t bring booze back at all, nor can you bring clothing back without paying duty fees, but you can do a round at Onion River Co-Op or SUPER FREAKING HUGE Wal-Marts for things you can’t even pick up here in Montreal and the customs most likely wont bother you about a 40$ grocery receipt and pick up a pizza at Pie in the Sky on your way back (be sure to tell them it’s to eat in a few hours and they’ll cook it partially so you finish it at home!).

Pie in the Sky

Vanilla Coke

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