Weekend Food Trip – Sneakers Bistro

Sneaker was an interesting find, located in the heart of Winooski, VT a short drive North-East from Burlington where I would have never gone if it wasn’t for the great power of the internet and people sharing their opinions on food and where to get some great breakfast!

We walked in and got a great seat by the window with a great view of snowed in Rotary Park, in an open space, away from the other tables and away from the other conversations going on around us in a setting that felt as if it could have easily been in Montreal. The place smelled of coffee, butter and a sweet aroma that could have been waffles being pressed. We dived in to the menu and tried to narrow it down to an order that was semi-reasonable.

We delayed the waiter by ordering coffee, then asking for an additional minute and then a beer before we narrowed it down to the ones we’d try on this round! Fried Chicken and Waffles, California Benedict’s, Side of Corned Beef Hash and a slice of Kahlua Batter French Toast was what we came up with and he looked at us both doubting we’d be up for all that food, he clearly didn’t know how much these two Montrealers could pack in them!

Chicken and Waffles + All other food...

The Fried Chicken and Waffle was sooo good! When I went to pick up the piece of chicken I realized these people weren’t messing around, it was a boneless piece of meat that I could cut into care free and enjoy waffle and chicken in one bite! The corned beef was pretty good too, you could really taste the beef for what it was, there was the right amount of bark from the grilled potatoes and the coffee red ale went perfectly with the whole ensemble!

California Benedict

The California Benedict was also pretty freaking great despite it’s lack of meat! The hollandaise sauce was fresh and made to perfection, and I’m quite the judge of sauce after having over-whipped it and have it turn into mayo a few times while learning it in school.

Everything about this place was pretty amazing, the staff was super curtious and answered to my thousand questions I had about the place and how long it had been around, who was cooking in the back, they ended up telling me a whole lot and then I realized that there is a ton of info on the site… I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a little breakfast getaway!

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