Weekend Food Trip – Whiskey Room

After we stopped through Burlington from one shop to the next, personally being awed by the liquor stores selection every time I entered the land of better selection and better price. Yes, I understand I’m paying premium in Canada for my health care that I’ll have to wait for an absurd amount of time for the future alcohol related illness I’ll maybe get? Bah, whatever the SAQ selection still sucks even after we pay 125% what a bottle is worth most of the time! Safe to say I get my 40oz of liquor every time I’m across the border for 48h or more…

I’d walked by The Whiskey Room a few times in the past when I was on day trips but was never able to indulge in their wide selection of brown water because I had to drive back, knowing myself I’d be unable to stop when the selection is so extensive… So I saved it for a time that I wouldn’t have to worry about that. After checking in with Andres our AirBnB we dropped our bags and made our way to the watering hole that would soon test my ability to make a reasonable decision.

Whiskey Room Store Front

When we made our way in we were greeted by the barkeep and told to sit anywhere we wanted, it being a Sunday night there weren’t many people in the place and we sat by the coziest looking seat near the fireplace. He shortly brought us over the iPad they use as a menu and I glued my face to it and time seemed to have slowed down as I swiped through the stunning selection when I stumbled on one that I’d read and heard so much about that my judgement began to cloud a bit… Pappy Van Winkle was on the menu, only 100$ for 1.5oz serving… quite the price tag that I had to ask to see the bottle. I held it for the first time… The great debate was going on in my head and when I saw how little was left of the 20 year bottle I couldn’t resist the temptation… But my better half slapped some sense into me and I returned it to the barkeep that chuckled and went on to tell me that they have a scotch that goes for 700$ per serving… Madness…  What does a bottle that cost so much taste like? When will I get to taste this jewel from Kentucky…


I moved on, looked at something more reasonable and had myself a few delicious bourbon based cocktails that didn’t disappoint one bit! So far the service was great, the drinks were delicious and we were now hungry! We looked through the menu that had many interesting choices and spotted a burger that had to be ordered, the barkeep went on to ask “how would you like your burger?” for a split second I was considering answering “on a plate? with fries?” and then realized that when a place truly trusts their meat quality and isn’t using frozen patties they can take that risk and please the customer by not serving up a lump of overcooked beef. Medium rare with pork belly to top it, safe to say I was content with the whole experience so far!

Whiskey Room with my Better Half

When we settled up our tab with Matthew the barkeep he knew I was still dazzled by my first face to face with a Pappy Van Winkle that he offered to take a picture of me with it at hand! I kindly refused the false memory seeing as the drink had not been poured… In due time I’ll have a bottle of it in my bar and I’ll be sure to blog all about it! In my opinion I’d go back for cocktails and food for sure! It beats a lot of our over-glorified pubs in Montreal with it’s food menu, the great local brew selection, it’s great cocktails and it’s ridiculous quantity of fine whiskeys on the menu.

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