Weekend Food Trip – Penny Cluse Cafe

Being back at school means that I now get to partake in the tradition of March break, to take advantage of this time off and not use it all cooking up a storm I set out to Burlington, VT for a quick little food and drink tour seeing as every other time I’ve been there was for breakfast or on route to another destination. This time I decided to take the time, make a list of must eat and must drink that I’ll be sharing with you!

Penny Cluse Cafe

Like most travelers I checked multiple sources to find the must go-to of breakfast joints, it being my favorite meal of the day I took great time deciding which ones I’d eat at on the three days, Penny Cluse made it to the top of that list recommended by locals and travelers.

With all that positive reviews there was no way I wasn’t gonna check it out, upon arrival we were warmly greeted by the hostess letting us know that it would be at least an hour wait till we had a table but that they’d put our name on the wait list and we could go browse Church street while we waited.

So that we did, took our time while checking out the many shops there are to see on the main strip of Burlington, when we returned we didn’t have to wait too long before being seated at a superb window side spot , welcomed with coffee and given the breakfast menu with a hit of latin spice.

After making a very important and calculated decision we ordered the Sleepy Nate’s Biscuits & Gravy, Zydeco Breakfast and the Corned Beef Hash off of the Special of the day menu. The biscuits and gravy were amazing! I’d take that and a side of meat any day! The sauce was so rich in flavor, not runny and the biscuits weren’t soggy. A must have if you’re ever in the area.

The Zydeco showcased black beans, andouille sausage and corn muffins that aren’t all usually on a breakfast menu and brought together flavors of the south to a snow covered Northern part of the world, it reminded me a lot of stuff I ate when I was younger if you added a tortilla and forced scrambled eggs on me.

The Corned Beef Hash was on the specials of the day menu. Again you could see the latin flair in the dish, it had more flavors in the mix, for some people it’s a good thing, in this case for me it wasn’t. When I order corned beef hash I’m looking to taste the deliciously homemade corned beef, that beef brisket is cooked and taken care of for so long that it should be the highlight of the dish! not mixed up with the mirepoix… In my opinion the vege had too much of a presence and took away from the dish but I could see how someone would like it, it wasn’t for me though.

Penny Cluse Sleepy Nate's Biscuits & Gravy

Overall I enjoyed our order, I crave the biscuits just thinking about them. Would I go back with the single goal to eat there? No, but if you throw your name on the waiting list and you’ve got time to kill on Church street or checking out how busy the other places that I’ll be reviewing are give it a shot and try for yourself, maybe you’ll like that extra bit of southern flair.

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