Hotel Vermont

When I drive down to any state south of Montreal I browse AirBnB and try to find a unique stay, one that fits within my price range and that is ideally located. Why stay in a hostel, motel or hotel when you can either rent out a whole apartment or stay with a local that you’ve hand picked after reading all the reviews.

This is usually the case anywhere I go nowadays but on my search for a Burlington, VT lodging I found that you weren’t really getting the bang for your buck we get in any other city, that the unique and very plain locations were overpriced. Luckily we found Andres and his private room for rent right on Pearl street after switching for dates around, his place was great and he was super welcoming.

During the planning phase I’d only booked his place for one night with a contingency plan of paying him directly for an additional night. I continued with my research of restaurants that we’d be eating at during our stay, as I browsed through a must do cocktail venue I realized it was in a hotel and ended up checking out their webpage, giving them a call and booking a room.

Hotel Vermont Parking Entrance

This hotel embodies what Vermont is to me, they’re not a chain hotel, they don’t have those cheesy advertisement telling you it’s your second home, they have locally made products everywhere you turned your eyes. Sadly we didn’t end up eating at their restaurant Juniper, we instead had a few cocktails before we headed out to our amazing Italian cuisine date. The cocktails at Juniper were amazing, the bar stocks all the locally produced spirits and make classic cocktails with their own unique twist.

The room was modern yet rustic, they had locally made soaps, soap dishes, glasses, mugs and flannel sheet. The room was missing some things though… eucalyptus, relaxing music and a pair or hands massaging me and I was at a high end spa! No but honestly this place is a must if you’re making the trip down to Burlington, they even have a special Quebec rate you should ask about that makes the competitions rates look ridiculous.

Room 520 Hotel Vermont

That covers my rant on where we stayed, throughout the week I’ll be posting reviews about the places we are at and what activities you shouldn’t miss next time you’re in that part of town.

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