They don’t live forever…

Let us begin this read with a moment of silence for the fallen MacBook Pro… In a blink of an eye, in my over expressed hand gestures I struck the glass of cheap wine and spilled it all over the keyboard. The real lesson here is that I should have just stuck to my traditional drink of choice, a bourbon based cocktail. We’ll see what the geniuses at the apple store have to say, but I’ve moved on and ordered my next piece of hardware and I should get it next week.

Bagged food…? Sous Vide Cooking!

When not giving my 100% attention to a project of mine, I read up on food and expand my knowledge on my current culinary fascination of Sous Vide cooking (click the link to see what it is). I’m still learning every time I use it, I combine cooking methods to achieve a superior and a new consistency not achievable without the precision sousvide cooking delivers.

Cranberry and goat cheese stuffed pork tenderloin

In the kitchen we’re using at school, we’ve been vacuum bagging food for storage purposes for a while now and had briefly spoken of the method of cooking things in a bag. Last week I had the opportunity of giving a demo to my class on a subject I truly believe changes the cooking and eating experience of produce we’re so used to coming out a little dry or losing all it’s moisture when cooking it with direct heat methods. I jumped on the opportunity of shouting “DEMO” and giving a quick lesson on something I’m passionate about, I think I did an okay job giving a quick tutorial seeing as the class was engaged and asked important questions on the steps I was taking.

Me in the sexy beard net giving sous vide demo
While I was up front showing off a method of cooking food in a bag used by high end kitchens I decided to show another meal that comes in a bag. I introduced my class to the highly regarded, haute cuisine, delicious meals that fuel our troops on the field, the MRE! I had some kicking around the house and figured it would be cool to show the contrast of application the bagged food has, another preserved food method, and another warm bag of food. To my surprise, the most fascinating part of that demo was the flameless ration heater bags, people were fascinated on how the bag quickly heated up by adding a bit of liquid. I’m glad I still had some sitting around from my course I did in the summer and got to share a little taste of what the troops are eating when no fresh ration is available.
Opening up MRE to show it’s contents

What’s going on at Pius Culinary Institute?

The Roastbusters have been up to a lot in the kitchen, we’re currently working on the vegetable and fruit module in the morning and soup module in the afternoon. Cutting, blanching, roasting, pan frying, stuffing.. What am I really doing!? My prep for vege has changed! I’ve found new uses for parts that I wasted, I will take way more care of details I often overlooked in the past and will take the time to learn how to make my vege the main and no longer just a side you have to eat. Vegetables need far more care then I’ve been giving them beginning with broccoli and cauliflower, what used to be a 30 second prep will now be a solid five minute trimming, peeling and salvaging ritual. Anyone can cut broccoli, expose it to heat and call it a day, the real pro is the one that will ensure that they are at their prime for eating, that all Fleurette’s are cooked for the adequate time according to their size and that they are not only esthetically pleasing but good enough to be served on their own.

Plate to show my product for Chef’s approval

Speaking of serving veggies on their own, something I have no shame in admitting it my lack of knowledge on vegetarian dishes. But after only one morning in class my mind opened up to the possibilities there are to serving up vegetables within vegetables and adding in a starch, cheese or binding agent to create something so complex in flavour with things I already knew and transferring it to a stuffed zucchini that is so mind blowing yet so basic at the same time to me. I’m already thinking up a storm on what vege I’ll be stuffing next!

Dean and I zucchini first masterpiece

Soup is something you should master even if you’re not a cooking pro. It’s easily a starter or a main dish, it can be clear or creamy, cold or hot, the possibilities are endless! We’ve been covering what little steps you should take when making the stock that will change the product when it’s plated. The simple yet complex aspects to the dish that is usually served in a bowl. I’ll leave it as that for soups…

Jordan and I whipped up potato leak soup as our first

Cooking for three

I’ve got a new food critic in the house! My younger sister moved in earlier this month and is inspiring me to cook things by just texting me “can I make pancakes?” on a weekend morning. Having a third person to feed again allows me to cook up more creations and a better portion use seeing as it’s always hard to justify a lot of time in details to only yield so little food.

what weekend brunch at home looks like
That young punk is going to kill me for putting up this “cooking with Caro” picture if she ever gets around to reading my blog. As angry as we get at each other, I hope she knows that I only get that mad because I care, then again we always get back to pancake making mode and laugh it up in our team cook offs!
Caro showing of her mad pancake skills

To the kitchen I retire

My kitchen is waiting for me, I can already taste my drink! I’m headed to cook up something with what ever we’ve got in stock.

The bar in the dinning room

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