Week Five – Basic Prep

Trials are on their way for Montreal Restaurant Day, we’ve been trying out the recipes we’ll be using on the 15th and fine tuning the flavour profiles and completely changing somethings based on last minute thoughts that are coming to mind when we see something new or realize that we missed out on a great opportunity. We’re one week away from the service and we’re confident about the menu, confident that people will truly will get their bang for their buck seeing as we’ll be using top quality products and will have many hands to ensure that those products are handled to the highest standard. 
I could go on for hours about the passion I’m pouring into this like every other thing that I prepare but I’ll let the menu speak for itself on the 15th and the draft images I’ve included in todays post to tempt you if you haven’t yet sent your email confirming your reservations.
Lotus Root Chips = Perfect drinking snack

I’ve got to work on my shaping, but the recipe is bang on!
Pork Belly + Bourbon = Wins my heart

Oddly enough, this is my first time playing around with pork belly. The cut of meat used for our oh so loved bacon, the cut that could make it’s way to any dish and be the star of the show at any occasion. I’m currently working on it in the method I enjoy doing trails with, in it’s delicious marinade, in a bag, in a warm bath for a long period of time until it reaches it point where the meat is at it’s best. After doing it the first time, I realized it’s a great way to introduce a lot of flavour to the cut, that you can brine and cook at the same time, but that it’s not the method I’ll be using for my final product. I need to get a different kind of consistency and after getting one of my Chefs opinion on it, I’ll be eating plenty of pork belly all week!

We keeping it classy “KD’n’Pork Belly”

To sum up this week in school I could say “Sauce”. We’ve been covering basic prep, that majorly has consisted of stocks so far. Stocks don’t get enough credit for their work in many dishes, they are the foundation to many soups, used to add that extra “Je ne sais quoi” to a dish, but most importantly, they use up all the trimmings that you’d waste. In a kitchen at home or at a restaurant, you’re trimming a lot during the prep for your dishes, so keeping them for a stock is a great way of giving them a use before they make their way back to the soil. Waste is a huge topic for me, growing up I ate what we had, and what we had was stretched to make the most of it, this has definitely made it’s mark on me, I check on all our stock in the fridge and maximize it’s use, nothing goes to waste! Eggs and asparagus that will be spoiling soon are turned into a quiche, the gravlax, cooking cream and dough are turned into my interpretation of a canapé. I urge you to get creative with what you’ve got in the fridge, worst case scenario you throw it out, and you we’re already going to in the first place, so might as well try to make something delicious out of it.

Dean and I’s brown stock
Asparagus, cheddar and bacon

Gravlax Canapé

 My wish would be to have the money to travel, eat and share my experience with everyone I meat on the road. Some people already think I go too far to try new food, or to enjoy the ones that I already know and that I think are worth making the trip for. There’s a spot in Burlington, Vermont that I found by accident and have been going back ever since, Pearl Street Diner has made it’s mark on me and has everything I wish I could find locally under one roof, but can’t. Breakfast makes me weak in the knees in regards to food, I find you’ve got so much room for creativity, sweet and savoury can be all on the same plate… Just thinking about it makes me want a breakfast poutine! Back to my original point, YES, I’m willing to travel one and half hour south for brunch, some people commute that amount of time to get to work, some people travel that distance to go shopping in outlets, I enjoy food so I’m willing to make the trip to enjoy myself and see what an other cities food scene is like. If you’re ever in Burlington, make it your meal spot and try the homemade corned beef hash!!

Breakfast Poutine, side of Corned beef hash and marble rye toast

Freaking Amazing Pizza in St. Albans
Enough for this weeks rant! I’ll no longer be posting on Sundays and will be moving my routine to Wednesdays from now on, hope you enjoyed the read. Looking forward to post all about Restaurant day on the next post! 

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