Team Roastbusters – Montreal Restaurant Day

As I sip on my Dark and Stormy I think of what I’m going to write about, I think of all that’s gone by and how much I’m looking forward to the week to go by and begin the final preparations for the 15th.

This week at school we covered a lot of theory revolving around recipe ingredients and it’s effect on the inventory. That was fun and great but you can tell by looking around the class that we’re all on the edge of our seats to get to the kitchen! We’re starting to spend more and more time in the kitchen and things are starting to fall into place, we can see the team functioning much better then the first time we went in. Some memorable moments in the kitchen were when Chef Otto showed us all how to break down a chicken and we ended up smoking them and we experimented blanching potatoes in water and in oil prior to deep frying them. With Chef Sistino this week we learnt to break down our tasks into segments and baked some muffins and snickerdoodles, he also showed us how to make sponge toffee and it was pretty cool seeing the transformation!

Chef Sistino taking a picture of his creation
Chef Otto breaking the chicken down

The week that just passed was pretty awesome overall I’ve got to say. I’d have to say that there is a marking moment that happened last week though, one that has already made all the eyes of the school turn on us. Nick, one of my classmates brought in the patches he’d ordered for the class to represent our team name… THEY ARE AMAZING!! So freaking amazing, that they’ve captured everyone’s attention, from the jealous sister class to the principle of the school. They’re asking Nick to help the other classes that want to make patches so that they also can represent on the kitchen floor. I got them put on the evening that we got them, I couldn’t wait to rock the patches on the uniforms and show off that we are a unit, that we have pride in our team! Something as little as a patch will help with many things, but I wont get into the whole cohesion business now…

Roastbusters Class patches for all my uniforms

In our class we’ve got a group of us putting together a service for Montreal Restaurant Day, we’ve come up with the main plan, we’ve got a menu set that we’ll be running tests on in the coming week and hopefully announcing it tomorrow with a price tag. We’ve decided that we’ll also be running a cash bar for those who want a beer or cocktail with their meal. Some trials have been run on certain parts of the dishes and we can see we’re headed in the right direction. We’ll be meeting tomorrow to run trials on some dishes and work out the cost of goods, we’re not trying to make money from this event, we’re purely doing it for practice and to show off our skills. Look out for the announcement that should hopefully come out tomorrow!

My first attempt at steamed buns
I’ll leave you with a few untampered images from the week that just passed!
Some wicked appetizers in China Town
Dean showing off his cookies but couldn’t stop laughing
Breakfast nachos… pre fried egg on top
Leftover bits from gravlax

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