The Many Folks of the Industry

Have you ever wondered who made your delicious meal you’re eating while you sat at your table enjoying your fired chicken and hush puppies? Who poured their heart into the making of the cake you just ate at the birthday party? Who is leading the brigade behind the catered meal you had at some fancy large gathering?
Wicked Test Brunch at School
This week I got to eat fantastic food and get to know the people behind it all. The people working long hours, labouring away, creating the crucial elements needed for those social gatherings we all have and these are my thoughts on the topic.
My week started by reaching out to my great friend Jeff that I grew up with that I consider family living out in Fort McMurray to see if he could get his Chef to answer some of my questions for my school assignment. At that time Jeff told me he’d get back to me when his Chef got back in town seeing as he was away at that time, in the meantime I got in touch with Nicole at Dinette Triple Crown to see if the Chef there would make the time for me also, seeing as it’s one of my favourite places in town it would be a great chance to get to know who’s been cooking up the fantastic food that kitchen pumps out.
Dinette Triple Crown Fried Chicken (facebook cover photo)
While I waited for all of that to develop I had to get another situation under control, it was my girlfriends birthday coming up and I’d told her that I’d take care of all the details in regards to hosting and she didn’t have to worry about it. The menu was quite simple, I was planning a table side service of Cesar salad followed by spaghetti with a tomato sausage sauce accompanied by fresh garlic bread and closed with a cake. The cake was were I was conflicted, I didn’t want to go to a bakery while I had a bakery course running in my school filled with people eager to hone their skills. So I approached one of the candidates on the course and he informed me that they were on their pie module and would only begin cakes next week, it was unfortunate because I ended up trying some of the pies they made and if they cakes come out to the caliber of the pies, some people will be up for a treat.
Mini Lemon Meringue Pie
So I was back to square one and thought of trying a bakery that was recommended to me when I recalled that one of my classmates had said in the little intro we had to do that she was currently working in a bakery and was looking forward to continuing in the baking program, so I told myself I’d ask her if she’d be up for it. Without hesitation she asked me what I wanted and came back to me with a plan and a price, at that point I was already impressed with her professionalism, but when I saw the cake I knew this was going to be amazing and that this young lady was headed for some serious cake success. When Saturday came and we all gorged ourselves in food and drinks the cake was served and no one left anything on their plate, I was lucky I’d filled them up on pasta or else I would have been left with no cake to share with my class tomorrow.
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Ferrero Rocher Cake and it’s creator Olivia

Late in the week Jeff got back to me and sent me everything his Chef had passed on. I was impressed, all questions I’d sent were answered and pictures were included, Chef Recovery (Chef Jay) had quite the story also. I was in awe after having taken the time to sit down and read all about his achievements and what he’d gone through, I then spoke to Jeff about it and he told me he’s never worked with someone like him, he truly was something else and appreciated working with such a person. I can’t go into depth on the Q&A because I’ll be using it all for my project but what you can find on his site will tell you everything.

Chef Jay shaking hands with PM Harper
Tapas courtesy of Chef Jay
 My in person interview was with Chef Colin from Dinette Triple Crown and his story was not one that I expected, to my surprise he got into the industry much older and doesn’t reflect a lot of the resentment that a lot of cooks have in the industry. When he first started cooking he was relieved he was getting a stable income compared to his music income that was an artists kind of revenue, you didn’t know when you’d have money next kind of thing. But he started in the industry as a prep cook and now is running a kitchen that in my opinion is producing a heck of a menu that makes you wish you could physically try everything on the menu in a short amount of time. His story was quite interesting and I’m super thankful he made the time to meet me and talk about everything.
Dinette Triple Crown’s interior, check out their pictures on the new site here.

After all the research I’ve done in the past weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that I already knew, you get into this industry because you’re passionate about it, not for the money. Where ever you go it will always come down to your attitude, your ability to work well with others and your willingness to learn. No one want’s to work with someone that already knows everything and it’s a place where your reputation will follow you so don’t burn bridges. As a client, be reasonable, remember that these people are doing this because they love it, they will keep their business at a float to continue to employ people and have you coming back with a smile.

That’s all I’ll say for now, if you’re in need of a cake and want someone that will give their 110% don’t hesitate to contact me to put you in touch and if you have any questions on the interviews or anything mentioned above contact me on either facebook, instagram and google+ for anything.

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