Week One of St Pius X Professional Cooking + Weekend before

Since my last post I feel like nothing much has happened but as I think back I realize that quite a lot has happened.

After the holiday festivities had finally came to a close we decided to drive our New Year guest Owen back to Ottawa and go shooting while we were in town and have ourselves some fun before we all go back to work and school. Upon arrival to Ottawa we decided to search for ammunition that we’d be shooting… Safe to say we’re short on 9mm ammunition, we ended up having to trek across town to get what was left in the area.
But where there is a sad purchase there is a great one, seeing as our provinces carry different products in the liquor store I tried my luck and went to check out what they had. To my surprise, I found a long lost relic that I’d last drank around a year ago on our trip to New York, two bottles of Sazerac Rye waited there for me, the staff didn’t even know they had this lovely bottle. Safe to say Owen and I picked up the two bottles without hesitation, along those I picked up a few others that we don’t get here that are displayed bellow.
Top left to bottom right. G’Vine Nouaison Gin, Blue Chair Bay White Rum, Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon.
The following day we made our way out to the range despite the heavy snow, cars on the side of the highway and a car striking a passenger bus after it spun out. When we made it there we set up and had ourselves some great shooting! Unfortunetally we had to cut our shooting short seeing as I had to go pick up the folks that I’d be bringing back to Montreal through the storm, but we got some great pictures from that snowy day.

On Tuesday Six January 2015 was my first day back to school in nearly 10years of work. I’d woken up early, started my new routine of gym before school, I was on time to get to school when I hit the breaks and my car did not stop moving… I slid in slow motion until I struck the vehicle in front of me, first day of school and I was going to be late is all I could think of… I pulled over to the side and couldn’t have apologized any more then I did, I felt horrible, to add that stress to someones life. We exchanged information, couldn’t have asked for a better first accident, the lady was so nice, we left the scene and continued our day. As I arrived to school, I stressfully got to the gathering late to only realize that people were showing up hours and days after I was there late.

New front bumper it is… Waiting to hear back from the auto shop.

Class so far has been a lot of theory, a lot of history and trade information. I look forward to completing my first assignment of interviewing a chef and posting all about it. What I truly do look forward to is getting into the kitchen, I know I have a whole lot to learn but I’ve got a whole year ahead to practice and hone my skills. I’m trying to get used to the new routine, but I’m no longer the young buck I used to be. These 0530 reveille are taking a tole on the evening part of my day and it seems 2100 may become my new bed time to keep this up.
Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks post that will be all about the two chef interviews I should be doing this week!

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