And a new door has opened

I originally intended to have my next post be about my staff luncheon that I had orchestrated and greatly succeeded by the looks of it. But I’ll have to leave that for next time seeing as I’ve got another important topic to talk about today.

Since the first time I picked up a pan to make scrambled eggs as a young boy I knew it was something I wanted to do in life, I watched Martha Steward religiously as a wee little lad while my friends were watching cartoons and saw her transform these ingredients into a spectacular feast.

As time passed, I realized life required money. To buy everything one desires, things you don’t need and activities you enjoy doing. There was another thing you needed to have to spend that money you’ve worked to hard to earn… Time… time is something work takes a whole lot from you. Money being something we were short on as a youth, I jumped without hesitation into the quickest path to making it and becoming a cook had become a childhood dream while keeping the passion for food on the side as a hobby. A hobby that I believe I’ve become fairly good at, a hobby that I continue to develop on a daily basis without wasting any opportunity I get.

In the past years, my life has changed in many ways and has already created so many great stories of progress, stories of success and some stories that I’d rather not share. I’ve realized many things in the past years, and one of those things is that I should do something I love doing! Nearly two years ago I began the process of changing my career and encountered many bumps, but only in the past year has my plan started to come together while still taking a lot of effort on my part to get the cogs moving. But today at 15:15 I received a call bringing it all the effort and stress to a close, today I received a one and half minute call from my career broker that I would be going to culinary school in January, that in January I would start a new path, a path I had forsaken a decade ago.

At this moment, this means the world to me. It means that I’ve got a goal in sight, a plan in hand and am on track to attempting something I never thought I’d be able to do. Here we go…!

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