Thoughts on the week that just passed

Last week was my last week before I was off for the holidays, it was a week of cramming as much as I could do before I left it all to my already overworked coworkers.

I’m now embarking on a long and overdue month off where I unfortunately have no particularly crazy plans, the only thing I’ve got coming up on the roster is my staff holiday luncheon that I’ve taken upon myself to cater to instead of going out.
I’m not gonna lie, I underestimated the challenge seeing as I have no intention on leaving any room for error. I’ve been non-stop thinking about it all for the past few weeks, not only have I put time into thinking up of the perfect five course menu within my budget, and then trying out the recipes and then what I thought would be the final step of fine tuning them… But I then started to think of how I’m going to plate them all to optimize the flavours, to keep the plates theme as it moves from one plate to the next and what additional inventory I’ll have to pick up. Today, all the ideas are set in stone, the menu and plating is decided and all there is left is to get closer to the date to buy everything and begin with the prep.
Another important detail to the luncheon is the decor of the venue, in it’s current state it could be used as is to host people. But to add to the ambiance and to truly bring the holiday decor, smell and feel I’ve asked my sisters to help me with so that I don’t overdo it. In my mind, I’ve got an idea of what the table will look like and what the ambiance will be like, but we truly know until we get to it.
I look forward to putting up all the pictures from the even and writing all about it, but for that we’ll have to wait till next week. In the meantime here’s some delicious shots from last week!

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