Sous-Vide Cooking

I’d discovered this magical method a little over a year ago and couldn’t comprehend why it wasn’t more current seeing as you could elevate the taste profile of items that quickly go from perfect to overcooked.

I soon ventured into seeking out possibilities and saw the SousVide Supreme as this unattainable high cost appliance that I wanted, and would end up acquiring in due time.

Digging around I saw many Kickstarter opportunities that seemed like the home solution buy was very skeptical in buying an unproven product. Recently I came to an opportunity to buy one of those Kickstarter options I had seen at a price I couldn’t pass up, it’s obvious to say that I forgot it was nearly 10pm and ran my first steak and scallops test before I went to bed. To my surprise the product is true to it’s word, an unbelievably even cooked product, the steaks fat melted in my mouth and scallops were perfectly tender and retained that unique raw sea taste.

I’m still exploring the method and look forward to post all about it when I get more technical and have tasters give me their blind opinions.

The Sansaire truly is a good investment.

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