Pizza + LOX = A Montréal dream

In the hours I spend browsing about the many topics of food on reddit, I stumbled upon a dish I certainly couldn’t pass the opportunity of trying.
Being a Montrealer LOX bagels are a part of your DNA, something that will bring joy to those who you’re serving and a dish that has no set time zone of when to be consumed.
This recipe literally only called for you to replace the bagel, YES, a main component. The replacement is someone we’re already very close to though, pizza dough, something as simple as pizza dough sprinkled with sesame seeds. This changed the main large group problem and put a unique spin on a dish we know so well.
After following the easy steps of baking the pizza dough, letting it cool, spreading the oh so good liberté creme cheese, thin slices of cucumber for an added fresh crunch, thinly sliced red onions, capers, smoked salmon, dill and pepper you ended up with this easily sliced portions for a large group. Main dish size, hors d’oeuvre size or as an amuse bouche that will certainly please your guests.
I strongly suggest you give this a try and impress your guests next time they’re over.

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